Gareth's MAILGW mods

Mods for MAILGW 0.3.1

Download the base mods.

See the README.mods file inside that tar/gzip package.

Download the T: Line mods.

'Mailgw' users who operate in an environment where T: Lines are rife on messages imported from the AX25 BBS network may like to additionally consider making use of this replacement pbbs_rcv.c

Download the JNOS BID mods.

If there are JNOS NNTP to AX25 BBS gateways operating on the same TCP/IP network as your 'Mailgw' box, these mods create JNOS BIDs when translating RFC-822 style Message IDs to a form suitable for the AX25 BBS network. Providing that the newsgroup to AX25 To: field translation is the same at all gateways, duplicates arising on the AX25 network should be eliminated.

The UK recommended AX25 BBS / NNTP newsgroup gateway translation files can be made use of by 'Mailgw', JNOS and TNOS gateways.

73, Gareth.

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