Ariel Radio Group System map

This is the internal network map of the packet radio system administered by the Ariel Radio Group in the London area.

Map of ARG network


Starting from top left and going clockwise you can see GB7BBC, a TNOS TCP/IP BBS supported by the Linux Kernel ariel.gb7bbc. There is a G8BPQ netrom node (G8LWS-1) inhabiting a second machine, which is also host to an IP router, g8lws-b. This router is able to access the radio ports controlled by the BPQ node. Netrom frames from the G8LWS-1 node bound for GB7BBC are transported via an AXIP mechanism through g8lws-b and the linux kernel ariel.gb7bbc.


The "machines known as" ( and 2) are IP routers based on a WA3DSP version of JNOS ("dff"), whilst g8ots is a JNOS configured as a PMS with access to the 144.925 local TCP/IP user frequency.

Machines configured as IP routers are not equipped with TCP or UDP servers, and consequently, are a bit difficult to connect to.

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