London - New York Link

How it works

Lonny is the London - New York amateur radio "wormhole", carrying AX25 packets between the old world and the new. Some speculation has grown up about how it actually works.

Lonny Receiving point The Lonny is a speaking tube under the Atlantic ocean. Packets at the London end are decoded, and the contents 'spoken' down the trumpet at the London End. Here, Frank Garofalo, WA2NDV can be seen listening to the traffic eminating from the tube, and is shouting the messages to another amateur in a car equipped with a mobile amateur radio station and a laptop computer. The messages are rewritten in digital form, and passed into the US amateur packet network.

Sometimes the LONNY appears to stop for five to ten minutes. This happens when the operators of the LONNY break for an ice-cream.

Incoming packets from the US network are decoded on the laptop, and passed to Frank. Below on the right, he can be seen bellowing the contents of a netrom nodes broadcast down the tube for reception in the UK and retransmission on the UK network.

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