Destination: Sydney

Stadium Australia

Olympic Flame burns over Stadium Australia

Date: Autumn 2000

Flew with:

Quantas on the way out, British Airways back. Quantas seats give the impression of slightly more leg room than BA, but the booze trolley is a more frequent visitor on the BA flights. There was a refuelling stop in Bangkok on both journeys which gives an all important break to go out and move the legs around before deep vein thrombosis sets in.


No hassle. There are draconian restrictions on importing food and plant derived materials etc, so try not to look too guilty if you have a piece of hairy toffee stuck to the bottom of a trouser pocket. On the way out, the duty free is quite reasonably priced, but goods bought before the security check have to be collected from round the back, so it is easier to stock up on essentials from the large selection of DF's after security.

Stayed at:

Some prefab student accomodation at one of the Universities, the 'Park Royal' in Darling Harbour, and mostly, the P&O cruise ship "Fair Princess",

The cruise ship, as the P&O lady honestly pointed out, is a bit of a shock when you first go on board, but you soon get used to it. The atmosphere on board helped by an enthusiatic and friendly crew, a rather good chef, and very reasonable bar prices.

Where to go:

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is quite a centre of activity for the 'tourists' to check out, but don't forget to go out and explore the further reaches of the city using the ferries. A $13 (Australian) 'daytripper' card gets you out and about on the ferries and buses for the day.

Pubs are plenitiful around Sydney, but Guinness drinkers should beware that some bars use Carbon Dioxide to serve the brew instead of Nitrogen. Never drink any Australian beer out of a plastic glass if intent on a monster sesh - you have been warned !

Three Sisters

The more adventuresome may like to head out for a day's trekking in the Blue Mountains. There are regular trains to Katoomba from Central Station in Sydney, and once in Katoomba, there is a decent boozer over the road from the station in which to make plans. Beware that the walk out to "The Three Sisters" (not a pub, for once) is much further than the tourist maps make out, so if you want to save your legs for trekking through the bush, consider using the tourist buses - especially for a rather long and steep hill on the way back.

When out in the bush, be very wary of leaving the marked paths. People do get lost, and this can substantially cut down on the evening's drinking time.

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