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Gareth with Pint Again

A little break from operating the commerative transmitting station GB2BBC at Alexandra Palace during the 50th Anniversary of the BBC Television Service in November 1986. With me (left) is journalist Trevor Butler, who was also heavily involved with the Ariel Wine and Beer section, a connection which was much welcomed at the time.

An interest in Radio was a nasty disease I caught whilst living in Nigeria many years ago. My social life as a "bature" was two evenings a week down at the club to see a film at the open air cinema, and there was not a lot a youngster like me could do except listen to the radio, and read books - there was no Television.

Most of the books in the local library had been kindly supplied by that magnificent organisation - the British Council (that's British Taxpayer to you and me !). The American Electronics Manuals had the best cartoons, and so I used to read them the most. Hence at the age of 13, I knew all about transistors, but had never seen one in the naked flesh.

If you ever asked me what was the best thing I ever got out of Amateur Radio, I'd have to answer "A job in Television". C'est la vie

Radio's part in my life suffered a nasty knock when I discovered Girls, some other pleasures, and a very free and easy lifestyle in the college drama department.

I still manage to keep my hand in, and the interest "ticks over" ready for the twilight years of retirement.

Specialised Documents for Radio Amateurs

Some documents for Radio Amateurs suffering from TCP/IP over Packet Radio. These are somewhat technical and are aimed at the avoidance of hair loss. Don't go into this lot unless you know what you're letting yourself in for !

Other Sites

The Ariel Radio Group's Pages may be worth a visit for radio amateurs working in the broadcast industry (that's the club I belong to), together with the lowdown on the GB7BBC BBS

There is also the LONNY, New York - London packet radio wormhole home page. LONNY was operated by Radio Amateurs in NBC, and is sadly now defunct. This 'last page' is preserved as a little reminder of past glory.