Amateur Radio Networking Documents

These items are somewhat heavy going, and are mostly written for radio amateurs making use of TCP/IP in the radio environment. They typically describe some of my learning experiences, and the hope is that you won't fall down the same potholes as I did.

KPC 9612 and DVR4-10
A few notes on getting this radio and TNC combination working in an IP setup.

NNTP for Virgins
Setting up the NNTP server in a KA9Q derived NOS.

RIP 98 for Virgins
RIP 98 dynamic routing for a capable NOS like TNOS.

Software mods as 'C' source code and diffs

Mods for TNOS
A few mods to the source code you might find useful.

Mods for 'MAILGW'
Sorts out some bugs in version 0.3.1 and adds 'Distribution' mapping.

Coming soon:
Mods for RIP98d in the axutils package. Introduces split horizon and poison reverse.

Linux and Radio

MSF clock decoder for Linux. A little utility to decode Rugby time and data data from a Galleon "ARC" clock / MCM-RS232 decoder module.

Other sites

Craig Small is the 'Guru' of RSPF, the Radio Shortest Path First IP routing protocol. His pages provide info for those interested in this alternative to RIP.

Ethrax25 might be described as a driver that makes an AX25 KISS TNC 'appear' as an ethernet card. Mark Frey has written about how he managed to configure Windows 95 to work with etherax25, allowing that tcp/ip stack to be used over the air.