Gareth's TNOS mods

Mods for TNOS version 2.40

N.B. No way is this an official TNOS site, neither has it been approved by Brian Lantz Esq.

Download TNOS-2.40 Bodge Pack 1 These are drop in source code files for 'Roll your own' merchants that should compile on glibc2 systems and includes stability patches (but not APRS code !). NNTP server also works with later versions of the Pine Newsreader (tested with version 4.58).

Version 2.40 binary This isn't in regular use by me, but has been compiled on an 'old faithful' Slackware Linux distribution of renowned pedigree. APRS code included is Maiko's version 1.11 of 11 January. The compile options won't be to everyone's tastes - sorry ! Now includes the forward patch of 23rd January too. Does not include NNTP fix for pine.

Mods for TNOS version 2.30

Compiled binaries for Linux
Download TNOS-2.30 Patch Level 3 binary with additional documentation and new support files. This Patch level contains the 'Essential' and Y2K fixes, Thomas Lucaw's colour patches, the smtp 'no relay' code, RIP, NNTP mods and more.

Download alternative TNOS-2.30 Patch Level 3 binary as above, but this one has the annoying habit of asking for new users' home BBS, and also includes the 'mail for' beacon, both of which are not needed for most sane users.

You might also be interested in other documents dealing with TNOS's RIP and NNTP facilities.

General mods and patches to version 2.30 source code

The Essential mods. These are required to fix the 'disconnect' timers in AX25, NETROM, and TCP. Courtesy of 9A0GC, there is also the 'in reply' fix for missing first lines when using the 'SR' command from the mailbox

The Y2K patches for R: Lines and SMTP, along with James Fuller's directory listing Y2K patch, TNC clock set and WP fixes. Latest addition is a patch for the mail and bulletin expire mechanism - but please let me know if the 'Invalid article date in expire' warning message pops up in the TNOS command screen. Last update 2nd Feb

Information on Y2K problems associated with the TNOS HTTP server is invited from those who make use of this beast - my address is at the foot of the page.

RIP server mods

Bugfixes and an enhancement for the RIP server (Issue 1). Included in the RIP update tar.gz file is an explanatory note detailing the fixes which help prevent routing storms and crashes under peculiar conditions. RIP-98 has been enhanced with a RIP-Request facility, and a small bugette associated with monitoring RIP-98 frames in the trace window has been sorted. There is also a page about RIP-98

NNTP server mods

Experimental NNTP server code (Issue 7a). for TNOS 2.30. This source code might make life a little bit easier for those unfortunate enough to be suffering in a UKIP dominated area, or who are surrounded by linux fiends who only have 'ihave'. There are also a few more goodies and bugfixes outside the nntp department as well. Documentation is enclosed in the tar.gz package and remember to save your original files in case it all falls apart. For the moment, you will also need to download the Y2K fixed nntpserv.c below.

For the Issue 7a NNTP server code, a replacement nntpserv.c in gzip format that should have the Y2K expiry bug cracked.

NNTP server mods addresses:

Other Mods included in this package

73, Gareth.

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