London - New York Link

Lonny is the London - New York amateur radio "wormhole", carrying AX25 packets between the old world and the new.

Map of Lonny System

All the above sites are effectively hard wire linked at a minimum speed of 9600Bd. GB7GBR-5 is a combined TNOS netrom node, tcpip router and converse system. WA2NDV-10, W6RCL-2 together with GB7GBR-5 are netrom nodes linking the whole system together via 9600 baud wire links.

WA2NDV-15 and WA2NDV-13 are used to link the diode matrix on the 66th floor of 30 rock to the shack on the 11th floor. The rf ports of the tncs are linked via a lone twisted pair wire and the RS232 ports link to the diode matrix and a port on WA2NDV-10 respectively.

On the diode matrix, WA2NDV-2 is a User port on 145.630MHz, whilst WA2NDV-6 is a 9k6 Backbone link to a local internet gateway. NY2S-12 a 1k2 backbone on 220MHz leading to the NY2S-4 BBS.

Breaking news

There is now a page on how LONNY works.

Lonny Retirement
NBC's London Bureau is moving, and so the radio equipment has been moved to a site in Park Royal pending reassembly. Frank Garofalo is leaving NBC in New York, and although it is quite likely that the RF node equipment will continue to operate from the prime 6th Avenue site, the wormhole linking New York and London will not be operational.

'LONNY' has been credited with being the first packet 'wormhole' in the world, and it was certainly the first in the UK. It has been a pleasure to be of service to the amateur community, and both Frank and Julian would like to thank everyone for their support and good wishes.

Last Update: 29th Apr 99

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